Friday, January 22, 2021

Content Schedule January 2021 and Onward!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a quick posts with my upcoming plans. My father passed away in December of 2020 and I was quite busy with work and family obligations at the start of the winter, so I was fairly quiet during those months. However, I'm trying to get more consistent with creating content and my own training, so here is my schedule I've been following so far in 2021.


On Mondays, I will be publishing a video on Youtube. In general, I'll be discussing the following themes each month:
Week 1: Game Analysis of one of my games.
Week 2: Master Game Analysis and Commentary
Week 3: Monthly Tactics Quiz
Week 4: Lessons for Beginners


On Wednesdays, I'll be publishing a weekly blog post on - Backrankbrawler's Notebook. Mainly, I analyze one of my games, but I sometimes get inspired to write something else. 


On Saturday mornings, I write a weekly newsletter to my mailing group. The topics are various, from reflections on chess improvement, interesting positions I find, or book reviews. I've been getting fairly consistent with those. These e-newsletters are exclusive to the mailing list and my Patrons, so you have to sign up to receive these.

As the year moves along, I might also start streaming again, but for now I'll keep it simple.