Chess Lessons

Partly because of the recent stay-at-home order, I now have a couple openings for one-on-one lessons via the internet for players under 1400 FIDE or 1500 USCF. I work with both adults and scholastic players.

My Teaching Philsophy

I believe my value is in being an objective guide on your chess journey. I believe in helping you learn "how to fish" and not just "giving you a fish."

I do this in a few ways:
1. I ask a lot of questions.
2. I make sure you are an active participant in the process.
3. I respect where you are in the process and where you want to go.

What Do We Do During a Lesson

1. We solve problems. Tactics, endgame studies, strategy...depending on your needs.
2. We look at your games. I ask your questions about your in-game thoughts and we analyze specific positions.
3. We study the instructive play of the masters interactively. This might include specific positions relevant to your needs or whole games within your repertoire or to illustrate specific points.
4. We talk about your chess improvement activities and goals.

Other Details

1. Lessons are conducted on Zoom for face-to-face interaction and screen sharing and's Analysis Board for interaction involving positions and games.
2. I provide homework and suggested activities between lessons depending on the goals and needs of the student. This could include problems to solve, positions to analyze, or asking you to provide analysis of your games.

Send an e-mail to betterchesstraining (at) to inquire about rates, scheduling, and availability.

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