If you'd like to help me continue my journey of sharing this beautiful game of chess, consider supporting me. Nearly all of my content is 100% free. I have a career outside of chess but the support helps me with the upkeep of the site as well as equipment to record videos. Your support would also help me grow as a player and teacher through helping me get coaching and purchasing books and courses to improve myself. I would do most of what I do for free but support helps justify the time I spend on creating content.

Of course, this is 100% optional and any support you provide I would highly appreciated. With that here are the main ways you can support me if you wish:


If you want to provide a little support on an ongoing basis (or even a short period of time), I've created a Patreon Page:

I regularly create additional posts for my Patrons as well as PGN files for any of the games I show in one of my videos. You can also join Team Backrankbrawler and get your name listed in my videos as well as additional content and videos on Patreon.


Whenever you click on one of my Amazon links and purchase anything such as a chess book, it helps me through affiliate sales. Check out my recommended books list!

A Final Note

Any support you provide is 100% optional! Outside of my exclusive Patreon content and private lessons, everything I do on the Better Chess Training site and Youtube is free. 

Thank you for spending some time with me here on Better Chess Training!

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