Friday, March 31, 2017

Capablanca vs. Tartakower, New York 1924

Dear readers,

I apologize as I don't have an article ready for you today. I have a big chess tournament coming up this weekend - the Marchand Open and I didn't prepare an article beforehand. 

I will return to my weekly schedule next week, and until then, please enjoy this video I created this week.


  1. Bryan,

    Good video! Thanks!

    I saw a notice in Chess Life APRIL 2017 (under the US CHESS NEWS PREVIEW section, page 6):

    "Clean Up Your Endgames - Refresh your endgame theory with an instructional article by Bryan Castro focused on common endgame principles and their applications in real games."

    I've looked through the magazine and on the US Chess Life Online site and cannot find any mention of the article. I am a Life Member (ID10494877) of USCF, and I have a login on the site. The Search function does not return a link to the article.

    Help, please!

    1. Hi Robert!

      The article will be coming out after the US Championships.